Friday, August 22, 2008

Blogging. I Remember Blogging.

Geez, it's been a busy summer. I keep meaning to blog about this and that, but having fun keeps getting in the way. Sorry!

Today, however, you get an FO. I present to you my SeaSilk Hamsa...


This is Anne Hanson's Hamsa design - a simple swaying to and fro of parallel lines of yarnovers. The pattern calls for 9.3 repeats of the pattern; I knit 11.3 repeats of the SeaSilk on size 3 needles, resulting in a blocked size of 12.5" x 47.25". I might have gotten another repeat out of the 5/8 of an ounce of leftover yarn, but I was sick of knitting this by the end of 10.3 repeats (That Sue made me go to 11.3, drat her). I love the scarf, you understand - I was just bored with knitting it by the end. I have to remember this ever-present fact about my scarf-knitting for the next time I decide to knit one, and maybe I'll let the pattern mutate and evolve as I go along. More interesting that way, I would think (says the evolutionary biologist).

Here is the modeled photo, modeled by an adult:


And here is the scarf modeled by someone who is clearly not an adult:



Bezzie said...

It's pretty! My son went to school with a kid named Hamsa...

And every FO deserves a tongue shot!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely! I like the way the colors in the scarf coordinate both with your top and the flowers.

Laurie said...

Hmm. I think the nonadult does a more interesting job. It came out beautifully. I woulda OCD'd on to the end of the ball. Not that that is a good thing.

kim said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you. The second modelling photo just confirms it. ;)