Monday, November 16, 2009

A Small Victory


Sweet Fern mitts, in Ashland Bay merino I spun three years ago. A fun knit, if you remember to check the errata beforehand, and they fit. Even more importantly, they're finished!

Next up: the Cottage Garden Pullover. I put this down when I needed something more portable to knit at SOAR, and its time has come again. First goal-along-the-way: The body below the yoke - only about three inches of plain stockinette, round and round, to go.


Laurie said...

Nice handspun project. As for the sweater? Three inches is FOREVER. (DON'T) ask me how I know this.

kim said...

Yeah!!! Finish, finish, finish! They look great! :)

Unfortunately all my finishing recently is work, but that's my life.

Erica said...

Finished and beautiful!

Elizabeth said...


cyndy said...

Yay! They are beautiful! I bet they are soft and warm too ;-)