Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Cummington, Part Two

I know, I know, this is shocking: two posts in two days. Well, Fran loaded her photos of the festival into Flickr and kindly allowed me to use them here, so ....

(Psst: Here's yesterday's post. Read it first, if you haven't already.)

So, when last we left off at the MA Sheep & Woolcraft Fair, Fran and I had bought the Grand Champion fleece, a lovely white Romney from Mary Pratt's farm.


Mary was thrilled her fleece won! Fran and I were thrilled to buy it!

And after the fleece sale came the Short-Draw Spinning Smackdown between Jesh and me, with our antique wheels.


Five minutes of practice with some Texel x Friesian roving (the first fleece I ever bought, btw, at Rhinebeck in 2006), then ten minutes of furious, foot-stomping, wheel-whirring, all-out spinning our hearts out!


Finally, we wound off the two singles together on a niddy-noddy. This involved some serious yarn-wrangling skills.


And lo! One single ran out - whose was left? (The crowd was breathless....) Why, it was mine! I won!!!! I won by 21 meters!!!!


On the left, the two singles wound together. On the right, the yardage I spun beyond what Jesh spun. Impressive, eh?

Next year, it'll be a long-draw contest. Be there!


Marcy said...

Congrats on the win! I knew that young whipper snapper would have to get off of your lawn.

I can't tell you how disappointed I still feel that I missed the smackdown. :(

Laurie said...

I am in awe, and in the dust.

Fran said...

Wow -- you're fast and ahead of me (as usual)! If you can link to the video I made of the Smackdown, feel free to add it to this post (and 'specially for Mizz Marcy!).


cyndy said...

Ha! Looks like it was fun!


Manise said...

What fun spinning like a madwoman for the win! Nice job. I *love* that photo of Mary Pratt and her winning fleece! Congrats on scoring her fleece. So gorgeous. After all of that whining about how you never get to go halvsies-lol!

Hillary said...

I kind of wish the whole singles were measured instead of just the overage.
The fleece is quite lovely!