Thursday, February 25, 2016

Day 56

I said to myself, "I will get back to weaving.  Really, I will."  So, tonight after work and after dinner, I vacuumed the blanket wool fuzz, lots of wool fuzz, off the Norwood.

And then I sat on the couch for two hours and finished off square #6 of this year for the February Blanket and started square #7. There it is, above.

Of course, I'm beating myself up because I'm not weaving, but really, there's nothing wrong with knitting blanket squares.  This blanket is a record, not only of choices of colors over the years I've been knitting it, but also of all the years - 25, maybe 30 now - that I've been buying yarn and spinning yarn and knitting with it.  Tonight, I was kept company on the couch by a very small ball of Bartlett yarn in a blue-green.  That Bartlett yarn was the first yarn I ever bought, to learn to knit with, back ages ago.  I'll knit it into this blanket somewhere, one of these years, along with so many of the other yarns that have kept me company.

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