Monday, January 16, 2017

Life Gets in the Way

Life - two sinus infections, replacing the bathtub, and the death of a laptop - gets in the way of blogging.  It does not, however, get in the way of weaving.

Warp #11: A band for the front opening of the Dusk kimono. You will remember I wove this, Warp Zero. Well, I finally wove a band for the front opening:

And I sewed the whole thing together.

I love it.  The colors are great, the hand of the fabric is great.  There are minor imperfections, but really, I'm very pleased.  There will be more of these hanten-style jackets to come.

Warps #12, 13, and 14: I was so pleased with the Dusk kimono that I cast about to weave up and sew another jacket immediately. Now, once upon a time, maybe a decade ago, I was overcome by wool fumes at Webs and bought three cones of Kauni Effekt yarn in a pink/tan/natural colorway.  I thought to myself, "That might make an interesting fabric all wove up!"  No, it did not. Furthermore, I fulled it way too much and the selvedges went all wavy on me.

Humph. I will say the fulled fabric is exceedingly soft to the hand.  So, I overdyed the fabric and wove and overdyed a couple of narrow warps for edgings:

My plan is to cut off the wavy bits, sew the strips and edgings together into a small throw, and embroider the seams with the extra yarn, which I also overdyed.  I'm also thinking of sewing the cut-off wavy bits into 3D roses and sewing those to the throw, particularly where the overdying ended up more pink than I like.

Warp #15: I signed up for Rebecca Mezoff's Little Looms online tapestry class. It's fun! I've always thought I'd like to try tapestry weaving and this was an easy introduction.  Of course, with all the life-gets-in-the-way crap, I have woven exactly ONE little practice piece:

Terribly exciting, isn't it?

Finally, Warp #16: At least, I think this is the last warp since mid-November. You will remember I had my bathtub replaced.  Well, I still haven't gotten around to painting the walls, but I did just finish a little rag rug for in front of the sink, because priorities are priorities, you know.

It has not escaped my attention that all I seem to be weaving is plainweave of one sort or another, but the next hanten warp I'm planning will be deflected doubleweave.  But first, I have one more Pink Pussy hat to knit before next Saturday's march.....