Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Monogamy in February

I do not like February. It’s dark and cold and leftover guilt from New Year’s resolutions clouds my enjoyment of the days. I can’t get out to walk much, getting together with friends seems like a lot of effort, and it is quite clear that Spring Shall Never Come Again.

I eat a lot of chocolate in February. It doesn’t really help.

This is all a prelude to admitting to you that I have not finished my Celtic Dreams Aran sweater in time for SPA, now only two days away. I bet you all thought that the absence of my chatty self from Blogland meant that I was saving up my energies for knitting ferociously away on Celtic Dreams.

Well, no.

I have gotten quite a bit done, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely, but somehow I don’t think the photo below shows the start of a new fashion trend, do you?

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Even with the addition of the other newly cast-on project, seen below, I don’t think you’ll see me on the cover of Vogue Knits anytime soon.

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In fact, let’s just display ALL of the projects I have cast on, and yet somehow not yet finished, since the beginning of the year. I haven't finished a damn thing in 2007.

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Now you see why February is not my favorite month.


Elizabeth said...

Kind of like a knitter's version of Edward Scissorhands, or something. Don't fret: the year is young! I don't think I've finished anything in 07 yet, either. I'm just less ambitious.

BTW, if you still want to do the strikethroughs on your resolution list, the code is < del > and < / del>

judy said...

I can relate to that!

Stariel said...

Well, that last picture is just the funniest!

And don't worry, here I said I was going to knit other things besides socks and I've finished 9 pairs of socks this year! (And one hat, and a little heart "ornament" that took about 20 minutes total.) ;)

cathy said...

I like the country craft-punk look you've got going :) The safety pins on the glove are the best.

Don't feel too bad-I still haven't finished my first sweater.

Elaine said...

Hey Lynn,

Elaine here! I did it. I updated my blog. I love this last post of yours, especially the last picture. I sure had fun this last weekend! It was fun to sit and knit and eat and knit and drink and knit and .....

julia fc said...

Very cute. Who says you have to wait to wear 'em? You did see the knitting needle dress at Fashion week? You're part of the avant garde!

Abigale said...

You are totally rocking that look! And really - you're not the only one feeling like they're not being productive - I finished one measly little project (that I cast on even though I have a totally outrageous number of WIP's right now) - but you know - it's all ok - it's all part of the creative process. Stuff gets done, it even gets finished once in a while - but the most important thing is that we get so much enjoyment out of the process of starting and planning new projects. It's good.

DeltaDawn said...

Love the picture - I would look quite similar draped in all my WIPS. It's a funky time - I'm all restless and funky waiting for spring I guess.