Saturday, January 23, 2010

Making Stuff

I have been cranking.

Exhibit A:

The DROPS jacket 103-1 that's been making the rounds. Here we see it in two yarns held together, the lovely raspberry Harrisville Orchid Line that Sue gave me for my birthday a few years ago and a dark pink Cascade 128 Tweed from WEBS. Cast on Nov. 30, 2009; blocked Jan. 3, 2010 - a quick knit for me. This is very warm and snuggly, perfect for the cold weather in the beginning of this month.

Exhibit B:

A blue silk scarf, just pulled off the loom last night. The fringe isn't twisted yet, but I have to say that this is the best thing I have ever woven. The warp is hand-dyed 50/2 silk (probably tussah) from Port Fibers; the weft is a 60/2 silk mill end from Pasa Yarns in Uxbridge, MA. For your knitters out there, these are skinny yarns, about like sewing thread, especially the 60/2. Woven in a twill, the scarf feels incredible, and I'm told it'll feel even better after it's washed. Once the fringe is finished and I've washed this, you'll see modeled photos.

Exhibit C:

A pile o' warp chains, for the next project, just waiting for the silk scarf to get out of the way. This is worsted-weight Bartlett yarn; the weft will be white handspun 2-ply. I'm planning on weaving three small throws, each in a different twill. I wove a sample today, trying out various patterns...


and figured out I like this one in particular. You'll see more of this project as I go along.

I've been awfully productive in the past month, and here's part of why I'm producing so much - Exhibit D:


A notebook. Every day, I write down what I accomplished. Sometimes I write down ideas for future projects, sometimes I note what issue of Handwoven has good info on doubleweave, sometimes I work out calculations for a warp or whatever. I believe it was Sara Lamb who suggested keeping a fiber journal (thanks, Sara!), and I'm looking forward to this year of making stuff, stuff, and more stuff.


Sara said...

well yay! on the productivity scale, lovely projects :)

Those journals really help, eh? Something about writing things down, changes the brain chemistry (or something) to *remember*....

Laurie said...

Pretty impressive. I've started mine, but it is not cohesive yet.

Sally said...

Gorgeous scarf, lovely sweater! I see you often at Abby's group on Ravelry....I am glad I stopped by here!

Batty said...

Wow, you've been busy! Love the scarf and the jacket. It looks fluffy and warm, which is a good thing.

Bezzie said...

Exhibit B is amazing!

Mardi said...

I'm so impressed, and intimidated, and inspired! and you have a regular sort of job, and manage to get this much done, whereas I have more time around the house, and don't. Of course, there's practicing to be done, but still...must try harder. Thanks for the nudge, and your FO's are all stunning. I can't wait to see the throws!

Avedaggio said...

What kind of loom do you have that you wove such fine cloth (it's gorgeous, btw). How do you even warp with stuff that fine? Oi. I have so much to learn.

Your work is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

DeltaDawn said...

Shazam - that is a hell of a silk scarf! So fine - amazing.

We just got an AKL - so excited. Bought it for Captain America and am trying to be very patient while finishes his first project.