Friday, July 14, 2006

File This Under Time Warp Needed

You remember that bi-colored hat I knit for Afghans for Afghans a short while ago? Well, I was intending to knit Elizabeth's nifty hat pattern in the new Knitty in kidlet size for them too - really, I was - but then I got an email from the A to A people, saying the deadline for receiving garments has been pushed back two days, to July 24th, and that they had enough hats - what they really need is coats, vests, and mittens for ages 9 to 18.

I fell for it.

I dug out Sally Melville's Einstein Coat pattern (which comes in kid sizes), some purple Colorado yarn I bought on sale ($24!), of which I had exactly the right amount, found the right size needles, and I set to work at 6:45 PM last night.
First, I photocopied the pattern and marked the stitch counts for the size I was to knit (age 10-12). I cast on 38 stitches, using a crochet cast-on. Then I knit. And knit. Just knit - it's all garter stitch.

The progress as of 8 PM:
Lousy photos, both of them, but you get the idea. There's no chance in hell I'll get this done in time to ship it off to meet the deadline. What am I thinking? Just how twisted is my perception of reality?

But it is lovely mindless, worthwhile knitting, and some kid will get this someday. Just maybe not in ten days.

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Batty said...

Purple! Be still, my heart! It's going to be a purple Einstein coat!

Ever since I picked up that book, I've been wanting to make one. The kid who gets it is very lucky indeed. Please keep posting pictures of your progress, this coat amazingly pretty for something that uses only garter stitch, and I can't wait to see it grow!