Monday, July 10, 2006

Round 'Em Up

I have some dim memory of having committed to working on, maybe even finishing, a bunch of lace projects this summer. This strikes me as a good time to see how we're doing in La-La Linnet Land.

Ostrich Plumes Stole - about where it was a month ago.
Flower Basket Shawl - still haven't dug out the pattern again.

Peacock Feather Shawl - nada.

Aguave - ah, so this is what that green yarn is for!

Arrowhead Shell - ditto Ostrich Plumes Stole.
Lacy Cables Shawl - eh, maybe I've added a row or two to this since last we saw it, two, three weeks ago.

In short, I haven't accomplished much on my projects for Amazing Lace.

On the other hand, I've just started the v-neck front of Joanna's Prosperous Plum Tank- the end is in sight!
And this?
This is a badly done, badly cast-off swatch in Marine Blue Zephyr for Melanie Gibbons' Mystery Stole Number 2. Why, yes, that does mean I'm casting on new lace before finishing old WIPs. Do you expect any less from me?


Ducktastic said...

If we were meant to finish one project before starting the next, the knitting gods would have given us eight arms and opposable toes. :)

The yarn for the Ostrich Plumes stole is STUNNING. What is it?

Stariel said...

Somehow I didn't realize that you had this blog, but I'm subscribed now!

I LOVE your bug pictures!

Steph said...

The Prosperous Plum tank is so pretty! You and Pam (trillian42 from knitty) have sold me on it. I'm making that next.
Oh, and btw *hugs*

Miss Violet said...

Love the tank! And I'm with you on the Amazing Lace project. I switched horses and went with a zephyr shawl, myself....and it's still on row 20-something.