Sunday, August 26, 2007

Give Me the Big Stuff

I'm ready for chunky yarn, aran-weight yarn , heavy worsted, bulky, super-bulky, 17-ply yarn. No more of this dainty DK weight. Last night I was dutifully trying to pick up 78 stitches around the neck of the magenta baby sweater. I had sewn the shoulder seams and one of the sleeve-to-body seams, and I thought I'd take a break and pick up for the neck ribbing before I moved on to the second sleeve. Mind you, I had already worked up about a third of the back of the olive-green baby sweater in the past few days, so I have indeed been a Good Girl in terms of my knitting goals.

I hate picking up and knitting stitches, especially in itsy-bitsy dark yarn. I tried picking up each stitch, knitting it, and sliding it along the working circular. No dice. I tried picking up stitches with the needle, and then knitting each one. This usually works for me, but this time the yarn kept splitting and I couldn't see what ply belonged to which stitch. After several more tries and various methods, I said screw it and read a book.

So tonight I wanna play with adult yarn. I want to cast on for something new. I want to do MY knitting, not all the knitting I think I SHOULD be doing for everyone else. [Remind me of this, will ya?] [About once a week should do it.]

So, I'm thinking about the Minimalist Cardigan from the latest IK. 20 stitches to 4 inches, good basic worsted weight yarn. 1308 yards for the size I want. Let us now consult the Holy, if Slightly Out-of-Date, Table of SABLE.

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The choices:
  • Malabrigo, 1512 yards in the color verdeazul;
  • Classic Elite's Waterspun, 1380 yards in gray heather;
  • Dale's Sisik, 1480 yards of navy tweed (I had started a mindless sweater of this some time ago, you may remember, but I didn't like the fabric that was resulting from knitting it at the stated gauge; it was too limp. Which means it will probably be too thin a yarn for this pattern, come to think of it); and
  • Plymouth Indiecita Alpaca, 1400 yards of purple.
If I can find it in the bins, I'm going for the Malabrigo. Wish me luck!


Elizabeth said...

Good luck with your search! I'm glad you didn't ask the readers to help you decide, because I wouldn't have been able to choose.

I love "Table of SABLE"! If I only got myself that organized, I could have one, too!

Bonnie said...

Seeing that Malabrigo color, I thought, yes, yes, yes! I think the Minimalist Cardigan would look really good in that color.

That's a pattern that is unlikely to go out of style. I'm doing the Tangled Yoke first from the fall IK, but the Minimalist Cardigan is also a "must do."

Yay for doing some knitting that's just for YOU!