Monday, August 27, 2007

Pant, Pant, with Minimal Lust

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I'm in love. More accurately, I'm in lust. I laid my hands on the Malabrigo last night within seconds of opening a bin, wound it into cakes out on the porch, found the right needles immediately (OK, OK, I admit I had never really put away the size 7s from the b-a-b-Y blanket), copied the pattern, circled the correct numbers, and I was off! Oh, frabjous joy! Oh, the smoothness! Oh, the color! Oh, those k2, p1 ribs just tripping off my needles! Followed quickly by good old seed stitch, which the pattern calls moss stitch, but I'm calling it seed stitch, because that's what I used a lot of in the b-a-b-Y blanket, not to mention the two baby sweaters still in progress.

Speaking of which: I can tell that my heart is forever lost to the Minimalist Cardigan. Nonetheless, I must, simply must, finish those little cabled baby sweaters for the upcoming twins. Officially, they're due on Halloween, unofficially I'm betting on October 1st, and the word around the cubicles is that we may see the last of Melissa come mid-September, at least for a few months.

So, I am going to set up a carrot-and-stick arrangement - I knit ten rows of baby sweater, I get to knit two rows of Minimalist. I sew a seam for a twin, I get to knit two rows of Minnie Dearest. I finish Sweater # 1, I get to knit for a whole evening with the Malabrigo of my dreams. I have to finish both baby sweaters by mid-September, if I'm to have any hope of giviong them to Melissa in person, which I'd really love to do. It's a Goal with a Capital G.

And I promise to keep you posted, more regularly than usual. (I get 10% of any side bets, by the way.)

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Elizabeth said...

You're a dynamo. You'll do it, no problem.

BTW, I was just looking at your Resolutions and you are making great strides on that rather intimidating list. You go girl!