Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Not Gonna Happen

This Friday evening: the multi-baby baby shower. That's 2 days away.

Progress so far:

Baby #1:
Bonnet complete.

Baby #2: Blanket is more than half-way. Now can you tell what I'm doing?

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Of course, you can't; that's a lousy photo.

Baby #3: All four pieces are completed - the ends are woven in, even. But they're not sewn together, the neck ribbing isn't done, and the button at the back of the neck isn't even bought, much less sewn in.

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Baby #4: Well....

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I'll blame the blurriness of that photo on my shaky hands. (Or my shaky grasp on reality, if you prefer.)

Obviously, I'm not going to be ready for this shower in two days. I'm taking the news well. In fact, since I am sick of knitting constantly whenever I have a free moment, I have given up trying. In the past few days, I have started a new book (Michael Korda's Another Life), weeded the garden of friends who are getting married there in two weeks, gone to the ice cream stand, and skirted a Jacob fleece.

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I may actually be returning to normal, but don't hold your breath.


Elizabeth said...

Well, I can see that the blanket will spell out BABY when it's done.

It took me a few tries to get the meaning of the sentence about "weeding the garden of friends...". I thought you meant you weeded friends out of your own garden. Silly me.

Anyway, I'm glad you've modified your baby shower ambitions. Don't you feel better?

Batty said...

Yes, I can see it's going to spell BABY.

I'm also glad that you managed to take a bit of the pressure off. Knitting is supposed to be fun, not extra stress in our lives.

DeltaDawn said...

Mmmmm - fleece. i'd be completely distracted by that too... I'm going to avoid the baby shower insanity altogether, except to suggest you wrap some yarn for those not quite finished yet!

And hey - I've just nominated you for a Rockin Girl Blogger award that's making its way around the net. I love your posts and you rocked my fiber world last year - so keep in rockin!