Monday, July 30, 2007

Time for a Yarn Diet

No, not because I have too much yarn. I do, but that's not the point.

And not because my wandering eye is now lusting after a drum carder. It is, but that's not the point either.

And not because I'm getting the house painted this summer and I'm looking for a newer car, not those reasons, either.

And not even because I felt a distinct sense of, eh, so what, when confronted with the extraordinary array of colors and yarn types at Halcyon Yarn a few days ago. That's true, but it's so not the point (although I'll try to remember that I'm satiated with yarn and fiber).

The real issue is that I just took Sophie, my 6-year-old black cat, to an orthopedic vet for a consultation. She's been limping off and on for over a year, particularly on her back left leg. Apparently, her knee joint is not well-constructed, such that the knee cap and associated tendons slip out of place easily. My vet and I have controlled this for the past year with glucosamine supplements, but she's getting worse. Hence, the visit to the specialist.

Sophie dear needs major surgery on her knee, to the tune of $1400 to $1700. Yikes! Now, I can well afford that, and Sophie is a lovely, healthy, affectionate cat in the prime of her life, so of course she'll get the surgery.

But I think I won't buy any more yarn or fiber or knitting-related books or patterns or whatever for a while. Maybe till Rhinebeck.

In the interim, let us enjoy the pretty cosmos, OK?

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Jan in ND said...

I'm glad you can help your kitty. it will be worth it! I love your blog with its beautiful pictures. You frequent some special places.
Thanks for your comments over on KnitMe. It was fun raising the silkmoths. I guess I'll have to call myself 'Granny Jan' from here on in. ;-)

Stariel said...

Poor Sophie! Hopefully the surgery will let her live a better life.

And, ya know, if you run out of stash you can come over.

(I only offer cuz I know it will never happen. ;) )

Elizabeth said...

We had to have a cat knee rebuilt way back when. Not sure, before 1990. She was a middle-aged to old cat at the time, about 9 or 10 years old, and the knee healed well. She lived another 7 years or so.

Anyway, prepare a nice secluded warm place for Sophie to recover. Put everything right near her: food, water, bed, litter. We gave Hannah a lamp with a warm light bulb to sleep under (it was winter).

Good luck to you both. She'll be happier in the long run.

Bonnie said...

Poor Sophie. I'm glad you can afford the surgery. She is young and will no doubt recover just fine.

My cat is 15 and gets Cosequin every day. I hope Sophie lives to such a ripe old age as well!

Batty said...

Your heart's in the right place. Sophie is lucky to have such a caring kitty mommy.