Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Blooming Bonnet

First there were just little golden buds.

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Then the lowest buds opened bright red.

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Finally, the rest of the buds opened! And, magically, little ties materialized under the neck and a swirl of decreases made this into a hat.
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A completely impractical baby bonnet, mind you - it's Shetland wool, so not machine washable, and probably a little scratchy, too. And the baby, due in August, is a girl, allegedly. Plus, this is kind of a small hat, definitely a newborn size. So, here we have an August baby girl, who is supposed to wear a scratchy blue hat.

Well, at least the kid’s Canadian. And, if nothing else, she can put this on her dolly in three or four years.

And, the same day that I’ve finished one of four baby presents due this year, I find out that yet another friend is expecting. Babies are just budding up everywhere around here!


Batty said...

Who cares if it's impractical? It's beautiful!

Grace said...

So cute! It's okay, I make impractical baby things all the time. Who can resist?

Elizabeth said...

It's so cute! Maybe buy a soft teddy bear to put it on and give it to the child?

Next time, use a superwash! ;-)

Bonnie said...

It's lovely! Really, really lovely.

Grandma Flea said...

It's really cute. Did you use any slipstitch or swiss darning in the pattern?

cathy said...

Lovely hat :)