Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Hab a Code

I'm not that sick, although if anyone's volunteering to massage my neck, the door is open. I just have the usual sharp, acid headache, achy thighs, and general malaise that goes with colds in this phase of my corporeal existence. I really should have paid attention when I didn't want to get out of bed this morning - in fact, didn't get out of bed till 45 minutes later than usual - but no, my damned Puritan soul whined and prodded till off to work I went. By 3 PM, I'd had enough. I stopped on the way home to get something edible with ginger in it - some sort of craving, I guess - and fortified with a big hermit, I'm home. If you think of it, tell me to stay home tomorrow; there's no crisis at work that justifies my going.

I'm definitely under the weather - I just had to correct at least ten typos in that last paragraph, many more than usual. No brain-finger coordination here worth mentioining.

Prior to this viral onslaught, however, I have been knitting. And knitting. And knitting. And I'm about ready to clean house instead, I'm so sick of knitting (which is yet another sign I'm not up to my usual healthy speed).

Behold the Pebbles:


The back is done. The front is done. I figure a sweater has four more-or-less equal parts: the back, the front, the sleeves, and the rest (sewing-up, collars, button bands, whatever). So, if one is trying to knit a sweater in a month, one ought to finish the back in a week (which I did) and the front in another week (which I did; 3 days, to be precise). I believe this gives me 4 days in which to loll around nurturing cold viruses.

I did cast on for a sleeve last night, and if my brain weren't slowed by viral ooze, I could figure out whether there's a problem with the tuck stitch directions for the sleeves or that I should be picking up those purl bumps on the wrong side, rather the right side, but the pattern doesn't specify and the photos aren't conclusive. If I can't find something definitive in my Barbara Walker stitch compendia, I'll just make an executive decision and that will be that. I don't think my brain can cope with this tonight, however.

Behold one strand of the sub for Lite Lopi in the Light Lopi Pullover:


Nice, eh? I love that color. I loooooove that COLOR!! The Spinner's Hill batt seems to be easiest to spin with my perfectionism held at bay, as I am quite happy with the thick and thin, slubby character of this single.

Character. That's a hard word to spell correctly when one's synapses are firing a trifle oddly. Charcter. Chartcer. Characer.

Enough. I better have something really mindless I can knit, somewhere in this woolful house.


Elizabeth said...

I hope you feel better fast!

The knitting is impressive and the spinning is lovely!

Now go to bed and don't get up until Friday! Call in right now: leave a message that you won't be in in the morning.

Bezzie said...

I have problems with character even when my synapses are firing!

Beautiful blue!

Joy said...

Lovely blues! Hope the code goes away quickly ;)

Laurie said...

The virus HAS your brain. I'm sorry.

Is that the Spinner's Hill I have too? Ooooooooooooh.