Thursday, April 13, 2006

According to the Cat-o-Meter...

This is almost dry. It would have dried more quickly if I hadn't used plastic storage boxes filled with water to block out the corners. Yup, they leaked. I've decided this isn't going to get canvas strapping swaddling this from below, like an L.L. Bean tote bag, because I don't want to muss up the pretty pattern. Plus, then you'd notice that I didn't quite center the pattern. Instead, I'm going to knit straps and felt them, then sew them on. I'm really not looking forward to knitting twice 30 inches of I-cord, so I might just cast on the long way, knit 4 or 5 rows in stockinette, and then try a sorta three-needle bind-off without the third needle. We'll see. Stay tuned.

In other news from the knitting front, progress is slowly progressing on multiple fronts. (If I stuck to one project at a time, I'd finish something once in a while.) (Not a chance.)

Bending round the armpit of the right front of the Sunrise Circle Jacket.
The sock has made it around the bend, as well.
This? Most of the back of a knit-from-side-to-side Debbie Bliss cardigan in, you guessed it, Kureyon.
And since I'm on vacation this week (which explains why I spent most of the day at my computer writing an article on rare dragonflies, and then went to a late afternoon land protection meeting, but never mind, never mind, each to his or her own weird notion of what constitutes a vacation)... What was I saying? Ah! For your enjoyment, I bought these when I went grocery shopping tonight.
That's right, tomorrow I'm going to A) repaint the basement near the sink; B) clothe some naked wool in decent spring raiment; or C) find my inner Pollock. I've never done this before, so perhaps it'll be all three. Till then, let's make tracks...

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