Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Mind Was Here A Moment Ago

Geez, you'd think that having a week off would give me enough time to finish a project. No, it did not. For that matter, it's been a week since I got back to work and I still haven't finished one project nor blogged even a tad. My mind and my life just seem to be all one big blur - way too much going on.

Of course, if I only worked on one project at a time, I might actually finish something now and then. But no. Really really no. And did I mention that my parents came to visit this weekend? And that I dragged my sainted mother to hear the Yarn Harlot at Webs Saturday?

All of which means I have a lot to tell you about. First, how about this sock: I think I turned the heel two weeks ago and maybe knit ten rounds since. But the heel is turned. Let's have a round of applause for The Heel.

Second, I finished the back of the Debbie Bliss scoop-neck Noro Kureyon cardigan. Why, no, now that you ask, I haven't cast on for the front yet.
Third, I give you two, count them, two front/sleeves for the Sunrise Circle Jacket. AND half the back, even though it's not in the pic! So there!
The front/sleeve on the left hasn't been hemmed and blocked yet, that's why it looks lumpy. I hope.

Fourth, I knit the straps for the felted bag that finally dried once I shooed the cat off it 97 times, and yesterday I felted those straps. They are drying as we speak, along with two hats I felted at the same time (different pillowcase), as the hats were too big on me. Now, alas, the hat on the left is too small for me.Fifth, when Mom and I went to Webs Saturday, I bought more yarn. [Surprise!] Yarn for four different summer tops, two cottons, a rayon/nylon blend, and a cotton/rayon/acrylic blend. Evidently I'm in a blue-green mood. Mom resisted entirely. She said something about there being three unfinished sweaters up in the attic that hadn't been touched in, oh, 8 or 9 years, so maybe she shouldn't start something new. Evidently, my knitting fever came down through my dad's side of the family. [Note to self: check attic for stray unloved yarn when next I visit the 'rents.]
Sixth, some of you may not realize that there is not a damn thing to take one's parents to do on a rainy Sunday in late April in western Massachusetts. Finally, we settled on going to
Magic Wings, a butterfly conservatory in Deerfield (it was great!) and then on to the Montague Book Mill, where I bought three used knitting books.
So I guess I have been busy on (too) many knitting fronts.

And the Harlot? Funny as hell. One hundred and fifty knitters, maybe more, agreed with me. There were so many attendees that Webs had to move the event to a reception room at a nearby hotel. I even took a blurry pic of her, I swear I did, but my camera sold it to the paparazzi before I could download it.

But even better was this sign in the foyer outside the hotel's reception rooms:
See? There are others in the world just as crazy as us. And they can't even wear their obsession!

I wore my red Baci Einstein coat to the Harlotry, and many, many people complimented me on it. Love it! Plus, I saw someone at Webs holding up buttons to her almost-finished Sunrise Circle Jacket in a tweedy green-and-white, and one of her friends had on a shorter version of the Einstein Coat in purple - really really nice. [Have I mentioned I like purple?] Makes me want to knit another version of each of those patterns.... since I have nothing else to knit.

[Come to think of it, there's a seventh knitting project I've made progress on - turning lovely natural-colored wool into freaks of nature via Kool-Aid. I suppose I'll post pics some other day, but trust me, the
Fleece Artist has no competition from me.]


trek said...

Paperweight collectors.

Pass me some yarn.
Quickly please.

rose said...

Paperweight collectors...well...the probably think us knitters are wierd.

I love how the sunrise circle jacket looks.

Zonda said...

I love your sunrise circle jacket. The stripes/varigations are really nice...the first one I've seen that isn't solid! Great job!

Penny Karma said...

Sunrise Circle - WOW! That's cool!!