Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Little Spring Gardening

You gardeners out there - you know how you get out the first nice days of spring, poke around seeing what survived the winter, rake the leaves off the flower beds, and generally survey your realm?

Well, today Earle and I and several other people went to a very small - 1.5 acres, if that - island off the coast of Massachusetts and cleaned it up in anticipation of rare Roseate and Common Terns returning to nest at the end of the month. It was supposed to be lovely - low 50s, calm winds, sunny - which it was by the time we left the island; first thing in the day, however, it was overcast, cold, windy, and downright raw. Nonetheless, we set to work, mowing down and raking up last year's weeds, shooing off Canada Geese that wanted to nest there, and admiring the two pairs of American Oystercatchers that had just returned.

Note how the presence of a hand-knit hat makes me look ever so much warmer.
I forgot to ask Kathy and Ian if they had knit their hats - nice patterns, eh?
The not-so-idyllic island itself:
To top it off, I got about half a Sunrise Circle sleeve knit on the way to and fro, since Earle drove.
All around, a good day.

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