Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I Won't Keep You in Suspense Any Longer

Why, yes, come to think of it, I did buy yarn Saturday night at Emily's Midnight Madness sale. I thought I could distract you over the past two days with pretty pictures of scarves and ornaments and such, but some of you want to know about the sale. So, OK, here goes:

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I did buy yarn. I bought enough cabled blue Heirloom 12-Ply to make Norah Gaughan's Nantucket Jacket from the recent winter Interweave Knits. I bought enough off-white 110% Perendale wool from Chuckanut Bay to make myself an Irish fisherman's sweater (I haven't decided on exactly which pattern yet, maybe something classic like this). Those two I had planned on buying; apparently I'm in a cable sort of mood right now.

I resisted the pinky mohairy stuff; it was too pinky, too deep toothpasty, if you catch my drift. I had thought about knitting myself a little wisp of a scarf out of it, but the color was too much for me.

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But that pale mint green - now that yarn I wasn't planning on buying, but I couldn't resist. It's Berger du Nord's Charmant, 50% silk, 50% wool, really, really, lovely (unlike these photos, which are lousy; sorry). I bought the 8 balls remaining in stock, which gives me a little over a thousand yards. At 20 sts/4 inches, I think I might be able to squeeze a 3/4-sleeve, V-necked, fitted sweater out of this for me, particularly if I get around to losing the 30 pounds or so that I ought to. Or maybe something without sleeves. We'll see.

As Emily and her helpers ran up my purchases at 11:06 PM last Saturday night, I was, of course, feeling guilty about buying yet more yarn. So I made Emily a rash vow: She was not to allow me to buy any yarn at next year's Midnight Madness sale, unless I was wearing a sweater I knit from this year's sale. A finished sweater, mind you, none of this just-barely-cast-on stuff. Emily agreed to hold me to it.

Gulp. I better cast on now, don't you think?


Batty said...

Oooh, Yarrrn!

BTW, glad there are other people with bat ornaments! I had another look, and yes, it's a bat! : )

Elaine said...

Hey, It's Elaine - you asked about the yarn I bought at webs - it's Meilenweit color tweed. - it's over to the right when you come in the door - with the other sock yarn.

Cool presents. I especially love the madge lace scarf.

Hope to see you soon,