Tuesday, December 05, 2006


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I tell you, I'm dedicated to this fiber stuff, all right. I got up an hour early this morning (7 AM, not 8 AM, don't weep too much for me) and I plan to get up an hour early every day, just so I have time to write a short blog every day and to get a little exercise every day.

We'll see how long that resolve lasts.

But I do have lots and lots and lots to tell you, so here's hoping I can at least keep up with the blog-writing part of that resolution, else I be overcome by guilt.

Speaking of guilt, see that pile of boxes and bags? That's all the yarn and books I gave away. Well, I haven't gotten Sue her bag yet, but I'll see her soon, so it counts. Anyway, the boxes were all mailed off last Wednesday - some recipients have gotten theirs already, but the box going to Portugal? That one is going by slow boat, literally apparently, so maybe in the new year...

And I'm thrilled, for lots of reasons. Many people asked me, why don't you sell the yarn you don't want? Well, that would take longer, for one thing, and I don't have the time to waste on eBay, yard sales, negotiations, etc. Besides, as I told one friend, I'm quite serious when I say that I feel like I'm hoarding too much of the world's scarce resources. I'm a biologist, you know, and I can quite clearly see that the world is literally going to hell in an overheated handbasket, and I want to do something about it. I do not need all that yarn. I don't even want all that yarn. Plus, once upon a time, in a lifetime far, far away, I was married to a man who was independently wealthy (no, I did not end up getting half the $$ in the divorce, just to answer that question, because I valued my freedom and sanity more than money. Still do, for that matter). He was (is, I think) rich because his grandfather was in the oil business.

So, you see, my excess of yarn, some of which I bought 15-plus years ago when I was married, is directly derived from the reason why there's global warming, why turtles are going extinct because of being run over by cars, and why human communities, in this country, at least, are no longer really communities. So I feel better having shared as much of it as I can stand to.

And besides, I like giving gifts to people. It makes them happy. The world needs more happiness. So, enjoy!


Elizabeth said...

Go, go, go! It's fun to give away yarn when one is swimming in it. If I had to set up a sale, it would never get done. Easier just to offload onto innocent bystanders.

bitterknitter said...

This is one happy innocent bystander! I loves the yarn...such pretty colors I never would have picked out but am loving to look at. I've already referenced the leg warmer pattern for guidance in creating my own and am thinking about what I can knit with the colors once I'm done with the undyed sweater that must soon be finished!

Joanna will get her yarns tomorrow. They have travelled to work with me and are in the hands of a mutual friend for delivery at SnB! Her yarns are soft...makes me want a bunny!

knit_tgz said...

Thank you! I don't mind if the yarn and book only arrive in January! And I set up a small yarn giveaway myself! Giving is very nice, really!