Sunday, November 26, 2006

Exhaustion at the Finish Line

I have no lists and charts and graphs of my fiber stash for you today. I admit it, I'm defeated.

I can tell you I have four fleeces, two white, two black.

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I can tell you I have a total of 1,776 yards of handspun not yet knit up. I did manage to get that counted up.

And I can tell you I brought home 12.5 pounds of fiber from Rhinebeck this year. But as for the rest of the fiber, I confess: I gave up. I have no master list, no total tonnage for you. Instead, I visited with my friend Elizabeth, I did housework (a shocker!), I paid bills, I rounded up boxes in which to send out the yarn I'm giving away (I still need a couple more boxes, just to warn you), and I had pumpkin pie and an apple for dinner. I simply could not face any more turkey.

However (signal the trumpets), I am exceedingly thrilled by the fact that I have given away, especially with the valiant efforts of Sue and Elizabeth this weekend, a grand total of...

--- 14% ---

of that part of my stash whose yardage I can measure. Plus a sweater's worth of red mohair. I am right pleased with myself. Perhaps I should go look at some sale yarn somewhere tomorrow....


cathy said...

12.5 pounds of fiber!

You leave me speechless.

At least all that fiber can be used for insulation this winter. :)

Laurie said...

MY brain hurts, let alone yours. I am so impressed that you are getting this stuff done.

Did you buy yesterday? I didn't. I'm so proud.