Friday, November 24, 2006

Not Tonight, Dear

Yes, I know I vowed to blog every day of this four-day weekend, and tonight I was thinking about writing about the impressive pile of WIPs inhabiting corner B of my room and shelf 3 of the linen closet and maybe somewhere else in the house, too, but, alas, the camera battery died and I had a glass of wine with dinner, so I'm not thinking clearly anyhow, so not tonight, dearest darlings, you'll have to wait till the morrow to hear and see just how long I can resist the guilt-inducing siren call of projects past.

Trust me, you'll survive.

In other news: The rebalancing of the world's yarn mass is proceeding nicely [see yesterday's post], but there's still more yarn here than has been spoken for - tell your knitting buddies, mention my excessive gift-giving in your blog, help me get rid of this stuff, please! Otherwise, I might have to resort to stuffing empty crannies in your boxes with the Casablanca ribbon yarn or that cone of mystery yarn or, heaven forfend, the two-pound cone of ecru cotton.

Having lodged that thought in your brain, I'm going to go knit mindless basketweave for a scarf for my dad for Christmas. That's about all I can handle tonight. Toodles!

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