Friday, November 23, 2007

As Promised

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It's amazing how much one can get done when one doesn't have to work. I did indeed get the rigid heddle loom warped with the five Harrisville Highland colors - Hemlock, Turquoise Tweed, Bluegrass, Woodsmoke, and Charcoal, should you care - and I've woven maybe two feet of it so far, in your basic tabby weave. Subtle, yet complex. I thought that the creativity in weaving would come all in the planning stages, but I'm happy to find that, as in this scarf, warping a medley of colors together randomly works well and the weaving itself, although I'm only using one color (Charcoal), is quick enough that I don't get bored. I can't wait to see how this unwashed wool will bloom when I wash and finished this scarf!

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Did I mention my next weaving class is tomorrow? [happy dance]


Elizabeth said...

I love the scarf on your rigid heddle loom. I'm getting quite motivated to do something similar on mine.

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous. I suspect the yarn will bloom a lot.

Sue, aka seiding said...

I believe I am on record as telling you that you will love weaving! I do believe I will go to the yarn store today and buy myself some scarf yarn--you have inspired me!

Batty said...

Beautiful! The colors are just amazing.

cinnamonkey said...

Gorgeous weaving!