Thursday, November 29, 2007


I'm getting a loom! Tomorrow night! A used, 36-inch-wide, 4-harness, 6-treadle, Purrington counterbalance loom! Yay!

So if over the past three years or so, I've really revved up my knitting (egged on by knitbloggers everywhere), bought a wheel, learned to spin, learned to weave, bought a loom (tomorrow! did I tell you I get it tomorrow?) - what's next? Tatting? Crocheting? Quilting?

Did I ever tell I used to quilt? I even had a quilt in this show, a long, long time ago, before I had a life...a story for another time.

I'm getting a loom, I'm getting a loom, happy dance, happy happy dance....


Elizabeth said...

Too exciting. I bet you'll do amazing things!

Batty said...

A loom, how fabulous! Can't wait to see pictures -- and FO's!