Sunday, December 02, 2007

Having Fun is Exhausting

I bought a loom! A used Purrington, 4-harness, 6-treadle, 36-inch-wide, floor loom, with a 12-dent reed and assorted goodies.

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Ain't she purty? She's at least 17 years old and probably older, according to the woman who sold it to me. I think I'll write the Purrington people and see if they can give me a general date for its manufacture. The Purrington company is based in West Virginia now, but my loom was made in Haydenville, MA, maybe an hour from me, back when Purrington was part of the Lane Loom Company.

Not to mention a little overwhelming. I don't know why buying this has knocked me for a loop, but I guess it brings up all sorts of feelings of guilt and should I really do this and what have I done and I don't have time and money (it was only $250. Geez.), etc., etc.

I'll get over that, trust me.

So, it's mostly all put together, but I have to tie up the treadles to the harnesses still, and probably take a good bit back apart, as I screwed up putting on the front brake lever. It's really fascinating to see how it all goes together so nicely. As Donna, my weaving teacher, told me, "Looms are simple machines, really."

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In other news, I warped up my rigid heddle loom with some Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine and started using up various leftover blue yarns. I'm weaving one pick (that's one weft thread) of a pale blue wool/silk combo throughout the piece, alternated with a pick of some other yarn, for a total of 6 picks of each "other" yarn. That was clear as mud, right? Basically, I'm weaving what I hope are subtle stripes, that's all you really need to know.

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Finally, lest you think I have gone entirely over to the weaving side, here is the fifth baby present of the year, the Big Bad Baby Blanket out of the Kangaroo Dyer's sock yarn in the Spruce colorway, blocking on towels and rugs of non-matching colors. This turned out beautifully, despite my lousy photo of it. It's not sunny today (and won't be for days and days), so I can't get a good photo for you of the depth and richness of colors in this yarn. It's good stuff.


Elizabeth said...

Don't feel guilty about the loom. It it ends up not being your thing, I'm sure you can sell it again. And if it is your thing, then there's nothing to feel guilty about.

Sue, aka seiding said...

Oh, wow, what a bargain! It looks like it's in really good shape, too.

Say no to guilt! As long as the bills are paid, you go ahead and try all the arts and crafts you want. Besides, this new blue project is the third thing you've posted, right? I think the fact that you're warping on and off so much means you're meant to be a weaver. Keep going!

Bonnie said...

She's very purty! I'm really enjoying seeing all your woven work. It's beautiful.

Batty said...

What a bargain. She's a beauty!

Darx said...

Oh, she's beautiful! Congrats!

DeltaDawn said...

Man, you're killing me! I can't even go to the knittyboard for support - I see where that led you! Seriously though, I'll be following your exploits. I'd love my man to learn - he needs an in-the-house hobby and he could weave my handspun!

Looks amazingly complicated - have tons o'fun!