Wednesday, December 05, 2007


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OK, gang, what do you think of how the colors on this hat go together? This is the Flower Power hat from Knitty and I'm ambivalent at best about the orange and blue checkerboarding.

I'm knitting this for Kristin's baby - did I tell you there's another baby-to-be at my workplace? No? Well, Kristin is due in about 3 weeks - we just hired her about three months ago, so she wasn't included in my earlier assessment of how many babies I'm knitting for this year. Kristin's cherublet makes six babies I've outfitted this year and, no, she doesn't know the sex of the baby yet.

So, anyway, the pattern calls for two strands held together of five or six colors of Filatura di Crosa 501 superwash merino - and lo! that's exactly the yarn I have leftover from the two baby sweaters I knit for Melissa earlier this year (Ronan and Maeve are growing like gangbusters, thank you for asking). I also had some Debbie Bliss Rialto superwash merino - that's the blue up there - and I thought it went well with the deep fuchsia, olive green, orange, and violet of the 501.

But maybe not.


Loom? What loom? OK, I admit: I'm scared of my new loom. But as soon as I finish this post, I am going to go dig out a specific yarn from my stash and starting measuring off a warp.

I hope.


Elizabeth said...

I think the blue works, but in your picture it reads as greyish. Not sure if that's because of the flash/camera, the effect of blue against orange, or some combination, but I like it. If you went with a more vivid blue, it might be too much.

Bonnie said...

It's funny that this hat's for a friend named Kristin's baby, because when i saw the colors, my first thought was, "Oh that looks like something by Kristin Nicholas!"

I like the blue and orange checks. I'd say keep them,keep going, and enjoy the colors!