Sunday, December 09, 2007

Some Days

The Good News:

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I finished weaving the blue thing on my rigid heddle loom. Here is a close-up, pre-washing, end-trimming, and fringe-fixing.

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I like it, I just don't know what it is - a runner? A wrap? A sample? Anyhow, the warp for this was some 100% cotton Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine and the weft was half Tahki Chelsea Silk (65% silk, 35% wool), half five other wool/silk/mohair leftovers. By half and half in the weft, I mean that every other pick (that's what knitters would call a row) was the Chelsea Silk, and the alternate picks were 6 rows of one leftover, then 6 rows of another. Confused yet?

More Good News:

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Despite this fuzzy photo, I am damn near done the excessive baby-knitting this year. I just have to wait for this Flower Power hat to dry (it's taking forever) and I can sew the knitted flower on top of the stalk, and I. Am. Done. Oh, and thank you for your comments on the orange and blue-maybe-gray checkerboard - I decided the way to overcome my doubts about that was to add a lot more orange.

And Then There's This:

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That box is empty now.

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I am trying to warp my new loom and it is driving me right up a wall. I need a real raddle (that thing clamped to the back of the loom, holding the warp threads apart, is a makeshift raddle). I need to grow a few more inches, so I can hold the warp from the front of the loom, step on the brake-release lever on the side of the loom to release the back warp beam, and crank said beam, causing the warp to allegedly wind onto the beam in an orderly fashion.

Not in the sort of fashion that causes warp threads to break and make little piles like this:

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Hence, the angry cookie-gobbling. I believe that counts as dinner tonight. Friggin' fiber obsession. If only I were normal, I could have spent the day in a mall instead.

I think I'll go spin something mindless, maybe to very loud music. Maybe I'll spin very, very fast, in fact. Very.


Elizabeth said...

The hat is adorable. And when the post loaded and I saw your weaving I thought, "Wow! She is born to weave." But reading on, I think maybe warping a loom is a skill no one is born with. When faced with a frustrating new skill, it's good to fall back on familiar ones for a diversion. Like cookies and spinning.

Sue, aka seiding said...

The "blue thing" is awesome! Maybe a front-to-back warping would work better with this loom?

Elisa said...

That hat is so cute and the shawl - definitely a shawl or scarf, not a table runner - is gorgeous! Hope my RH weaving looks that good some day.

Batty said...

I love the blue thing, and the baby hat is adorable. I'm a sucker for colorful baby hats.