Sunday, January 20, 2008

Close-ups, Because Elizabeth Asked

Here you go!




Notice, in the photo of the Noro scarf next to the Blue Thing, how wonky the selvedges of the Noro scarf are, compared to those of the Blue Thing. I used floating selvedges in weaving the Noro scarf, which would normally help, but my ineptitude with the angle of weft laying-in overwhelmed the floating selvedges.

While I'm at it, and before I go off to knit and spin for the day with That Sue and her charming brother and sister-in-law, here's a close-up of the next scarf on the big loom.


As I said yesterday, the warp of this is Harrisville Shetland and the weft is Rowan Tapestry. That bright spot in the middle of the scarf is not my usual photography; it's actually in the yarn. I think this will be an elegant scarf when finished. I'm using a treadling sequence called Cord Weave, from Marguerite Davison's book. Essentially, it's an alternating sequence of tabby weave with one twill shot - fairly simple, and probably fairly boring rather soon, I'm afraid, if I do 6 feet or so of this. Ah, well, these scarves are supposed to be learning experiences, and I bet I learn with this one that I need more variety than 6 feet of Cord Weave will afford me.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you! Lovely lovely lovely.

Teresa C said...

That is really beautiful. It almost makes me want to try it. But I won't. I won't, I won't, I won't. No.

Batty said...

Oooh, pretty!!