Monday, May 12, 2008

Blogging Make-Believe

I thought about blogging tonight, but I'd really rather cast on for something new. You see, I finished the giant afghan ...

[insert out-of-focus photo here, of entire bed covered with red and blue stripes]

and I've knit 60", slightly stretched, of the scrumptious kid mohair Road Not Taken scarf (and I still have one and a third of a ball left, when my math indicated I'd need two balls; interesting) ...

[insert fuzzy photo of fuzzy scarf here]

and I finished a tedious, long, stressful, boring project at work today ...

[insert map of dragonfly habitat here, all across Massachusetts]

and I'm tired from chasing dragonflies yesterday with friends.

[insert slightly tilted photo here, of tired friends eating ice cream after dragonfly chasing]

I'm going to go cast on something new instead of blogging. Maybe two somethings new - Elizabeth's Sloane Pullover, which I just downloaded, if the appropriate yarn and needles are in my stash (whaddaya wanna bet they are?) and Jillian's Boo, Too, which I loved when it was in Knitty and when I saw Jillian wear it at Rhinebeck and I still love it now that it's published in More Big Girl Knits. I know I have the yarn for that - half is my handspun, half I bought at WEBS (where I put it all is another question).

So, I'm not going to blog tonight at all. You're just going to have to cope without me.


Elizabeth said...

Yeah Lynn, good luck with that! ;)

I bet you have some suitable yarn in your stash. Any worsted weight will do if it looks nice in a cable. And do let me know if anything doesn't seem right.

Bezzie said...'s like [insert funny blog comment here]!!!