Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Didn't Buy a Fleece

I am so proud of myself. I went to the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Fair yesterday and I did not, repeat, did not, buy a fleece. I fondled them, I smelled them, I lusted after them, I thought good and hard, and I resisted. I just want you to know that it's possible.

Now back to our regularly scheduled obsession.

So, Pat and I and Pat's two lovely daughters laughed and drove and knit and laughed all the way to the fair and back. Pat and her older daughter Isabelle (whom I forgot to take a photo of - sorry, Belle!) learned how to spin on a spindle. Here Olivia, the younger daughter, is dutifully holding the spindle while Pat demonstrates extreme spindling over lunch.


I admired the sheep. I really admired the Cheviots - they are just adorable with their big brown eyes and their perky goat ears.


I swear I did not notice this good-looking young man blocking my view of the Cheviot judging until I downloaded my photos. Anybody know who he is? Do you suppose he has sheep?


I bought yarn, in a restrained fashion. Two skeins of Judy's...


And one of Just Our Yarns' tencel laceweight.


I bought Shear Spirit. I bought a small mesh bag to wash fleece lock by lock. I did not buy lamb bits - the grill was out of them, alas!

And I bought this.


This is a gorgeous Corriedale/Finn/Rambouillet/mohair batt from Spinners Hill. I watched Pat and Laurie buy some of the enormous bag of this beauty, and then I handed the bag to Terry (it's blue; of course she bought some) and I wandered away. The Spinners Hill booth was very busy and rightfully so. I thought I'd get out of the way while I waited for Pat.

Later I wandered back. There was still some of this batt left. I bought what remained, only a pound and a quarter. Not that much really; it was the only roving I bought all day (well, except the braid of Spunky Eclectic BFL I bought for Isabelle; gotta start them off right, you know).

I just want you all to know the true story, since the dear if slightly demented Ms. Hog-All-The-Blue, upon seeing me come by with my treasure, promptly set upon me as if I'd robbed her cradle - she wanted more! She had first dibs on the batt, she got what she wanted, and then she wanted more! She wanted some of MINE!

Not likely. Let this be a lesson to all you young fiber whippersnappers - always buy all of the true treasures when you find them. And then make sure they're under lock and key when Terry comes to visit!

(Terry, Spinners Hill will be at Rhinebeck. I promise you can have the whole batt there!)


Laurie said...

You know the spinner's saying: you snooze you lose. I didn't know that was Pat ahead of me buying.

Teresa C said...

You can bet I learned that lesson good and fast. If I had to be scooped, I guess being scooped by you lessons the pain. A little.

Oh heck people! It's fiber! I have tons and you probably did me a favor. That loss certainly doesn't mean I didn't come home with a ton of other stuff now does it?

Teresa C said...

BTW-I LOVE that: Ms. Hog-All-The-Blue! Ahahahahaha!

Bezzie said...

Way to go! The blue is quite purty. And a pound and some change is nothing to sneeze at.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there! Such lovely fibers, sheep and people watching. Perhaps another time.....