Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moving Right Along

One of the great attributes of weaving is that it is accomplished quickly. Yesterday, I resleyed the scarf warpp to 30 ends per inch and lo! it's warp-faced!


Furthermore, it's done!


A little narrow, and the yellow isn't a color I wear often, but done. Woven. Finished. Completed. Done.

As well, the second mitten was finished yesterday. I even found the yarn label, so I can tell you these are made of Ironstone New Wool. The basketweave cuff is lovely, but a bear to knit at this gauge - quite stiff. This cuff won't be letting any cold breezes near my wrists.


So now I have a hat and matching mittens. I feel almost pulled together.



gayle said...

Woohoo for done!
Always a good feeling.
And you'll have lots of time to enjoy them, since there is SO much winter yet to go...

Elizabeth said...

Nothing like a couple quick FOs for a pick-me-up, eh? They look great.

cyndy said...

The woven scarf is lovely!

And the hat & matching mittens look warm and cozy! Nice work!

Manise said...

Nice FO's! For the weaving ignorant such as myself, what does warp-faced mean? Same as warp dominant? Meaning mostly warp is showing and only the weft peeking through? Curious minds want to know :-)

Laurie said...

Nice! Had to pace on the basketweave to preserve the hands, but the pattern was worth the effort.

The scarf came out well.

Bezzie said...

The scarf is gorgeous! I love the firey look of it!

Batty said...

I love the colors on that scarf! It reminds me of a sunrise, which is great when it's gray and icky out.

kim said...

What did you use for weft?