Monday, January 12, 2009


The scene: A peaceful, snowy Sunday morning. Earle's at work, as he almost always is on Sundays. I get up late, make myself some tea and oatmeal, and settle in to the computer to check email and banter on Ravelry and such. Just a nice quiet day. I plan on putzing around the house later, maybe repot some plants, knit a little, call a friend, whatever. Take a nap, even.

But no.

There's an email from Marcy, entitled WAKE UP!!!! Let me quote the message in its entirety:

Go lookee wheel naow! Buybuybuy! CPW !! Go gettit.

A bigger font than that, even.

CPW stands for Canadian Production Wheel, one of which I want. Note that Marcy, in her excitement, neglected to tell me where, exactly, the wheel was or where it was advertised. I wrote Marcy back, saying, um, where, exactly? And then went on to Ravelry, where I discovered that Eva, somewhere in Massachusetts, had posted that she was, alas, selling her wheel.

Well, in between more frantic emails from Marcy, I establish that Eva lives in Hudson, only an hour from me, and that I could come see the wheel that very afternoon.

I did. She's beautiful. It only took me half an hour to figure out how to get her to spin (Eva doesn't spin, yet, and I've spun maybe 10 minutes on a double-drive Saxony, at most, ever), but a little oiling, a little adjustment of the driveband, and whee! She spins! She takes up! She goes fastfastfast!!!

And now she's mine. And I'm hers. I'm sure you can see why.


So much for a quiet Sunday.

P.S.: Thank you, Marcy!!

P.P.S.: Thank you also for everyone's kind comments on my last post; I've been meaning to get back to you all, but you see, there's this cobalt-blue, cabled, wool/silk scarf and the 5+ pounds of Romney roving and the several tries at mittens and well, I've been busy. Details later.


Manise said...

You were in Hudson and didn't stop by to show off your wheel??? Marcy is the ultimate finder of wheels! What would we do without her?! Oh, I forgot- Congratulations of course!

Sue said...

Oh, you lucky duck! It's beautiful!

Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Congrats!

Margene said...

I've heard Marcy has a good reputation for putting the right wheel and wheel owners together. Congrats!

Joy said...

Really gorgeous wheel - enjoy!

cyndy said...


I'll bet she purrrrrs--and I bet you get great mileage!

congrats! (way to be quick on the draw Marcy!)

elizabeth said...

Oh wow! She's beautiful!!! Or he's beautiful! Whichever!

kim said...

Looks just like mine! Surprisingly, Marcy has never sent me one of those types of emails in all the years I've known her & she knows I love to rescue wheels. Guess I'll have to have a quiet conversation with her.
Does the wheel need a tune-up (new leather bearings for the bobbin shaft, new bearings for the wheel axle)? If so, we should bring her along to SPA since Dave of Merlin Tree will be there and he is the best at these kinds up antiques.

Laurie said...

That Marcy is a good one. Who made it, d'yknow? It is a beauty!

janel said...

Very nice wheel! I'm sure it's a love affair made in heaven. That Marcy, what a matchmaker!

I'd like to receive an email like that, but maybe about spindles instead of a wheel. I don't have so much room for wheels, but there's always room for one more spindle.

Enjoy your new beauty and feed her well.

gayle said...

Oh, so pretty! Woohoo for you!!

Batty said...

Wow, that sounds like you two were meant to be together! Happy spinning!

DeltaDawn said...

Oooooh - nice! And I love the penguin behind your pretty new wheel! Have funfunfun going fastfastfast!