Friday, March 24, 2006

The Countdown

Friday evening. 7 days, 4 hours to Flash Your Stash. I thought I might build up some suspense.

So, here are the yarn stashes for various spots around the household:

Attic: nope, none there.

Basement: none there either, although the washer/felter machine resides therein.

Backyard shed: you really didn't think I'd make respectable yarn, even acrylic, live in a shed, did you?

The trunk of my car: Nope. None in Earle's car, either.

The bathroom (there's only one in the house, I'm not trying to lead you astray here): No yarn. There is a Patternworks catalog on the back of the toilet, however.

The hall: Oh, come on, I'm not that untidy. You can admire the rack full of my FOs while you're here.

The hall closet: Nope. Aren't I virtuous?

The neighbor's house: Which neighbor? I'm pretty sure neither the firemen nor the state police have any of my yarn, although I suppose I shouldn't assume none of them keep their own yarn there.

Which reminds me - my place of employment: Nope, no yarn there.

Let's get down to business here. The kitchen? Not a bit of yarn there. The dining room? Let me check ... no, there's just the hats I need to send off to Afghans for Afghans. That's me (in the pink) and my knitting buddies at work modeling the hats I made.

The living room: Well, I will admit to three works in progress here in the living room, my Sunrise Circle Jacket, the Voodoo wristwarmers I think I'll make into gloves instead, and these socks.
OK, so it's only one sock, so far, and I've only just completed the heel flap. Nonetheless, this is the first sock I have knit in, oh, ten years or thereabout, so I think it deserves its day of glory, don't you?

That's all for now, gang, tune in next time!

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Zonda said...

Haha! I love your post on where your stash is! Your hats are really nice!...Saturday should prove to be very interesting indeed!