Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Just Want a Day Off!

So I'm taking one. Two, actually. Tomorrow and Friday, just using up comp time on two perfectly gorgeous early spring days. I plan on hiking and running a few errands and knitting and getting ready for Stash-Flashing and lying on the still-brown grass, staring at a snow-drop. Maybe a crocus.

Because I'm weary. I've been working too hard, not taking care of myself, and not having enough puttering time. I need down time.

I realized that today is the one-year anniversary of breaking my ankle in Costa Rica. You don't need to hear the whole nasty story, and frankly, I don't want to type it up all over again, so I thought I'd remember the good parts of that vacation with my friends Julie and Michael.

Part of the week we spent in Costa Rica was at the home of friends of ours, who own property just outside the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Here's the little cabin the three of us stayed in there, tucked away in a little clearing on a hillside.
Here's Michael disappearing along a trail in the cloud forest. This photo really evokes Michael for me, as he's always off exploring a trail in one extraordinary place after another.And here's Julie, rejoicing at an enormous tree. I just love Julie's sheer happiness at life! We only explored the northwest corner of this small country, but we did get around to varied habitats. And then, of course, there was this, a few days after we returned. At least I've gotten a lot of knitting done in the past year. And it really has healed up fine, just needs a little more exercise this summer. I learned a few things, too, that I'm pretty cheerful and stoic at dealing with emergencies, that Julie and Michael are the perfect companions for coping with a broken leg, that the Costa Rican doctors and nurses are really lovely, capable people, that Earle and all my friends and family will always help me out in a crisis, and that I'm really, really, really glad I can walk again!

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