Friday, March 17, 2006

Oh, You Wanted Me to Say Something?

Yes, yes, I know I'm supposed to be writing frequent, witty, photo-filled journeys through The World of Knitting, but I've barely had a brain in the past few weeks, much less wit and knitting worth mentioning.

I have, however, been doing my best to keep farming and small animal husbandry going worldwide. Let's see, I bought this today at my LYS, Emily's Needleworks.

Katia's Mexico, half wool, half acrylic. It's going to be Kate Gilbert's Sunrise Circle Jacket, barring breakdowns in row gauge.

And yesterday, after the fourth of five major, big-time, all-out work meetings this month, Patty-Cakes and I went to Woolpak in Littleton, MA, and I bought this.
Ms. P.-Cakes has just acquired two Shetland ewes, with expectations for natural increases ahead. I asked, "so what are you going to do with the fleeces, dear, since you don't spin?" She said she'd give one to me! So now, darn it, I just have to learn how to spin. What a shame!

And the postman has been my friend, too. He brought me this:
Cherry Tree Hill's Oceania, in the Granite Hill colorway. I thought it might work for the Sunrise Circle Jacket, but the fabric is a little too lightweight, I think.

And this:
Handmaiden Ottawa, in the Dragonfly colorway. How could I resist a colorway called Dragonfly, particularly when it's on sale from Red Bird Knits? Although I will admit that I thought I could use this for the Sunrise Circle Jacket, apparently glossing right over the fact that the gauge is completely wrong. I blame the dazzling sale sticker.

It's good stuff, so let's look at it a little closer:

That's enough for today. Why, yes, there is more that I've acquired in the past week or two, but I have to save something for tomorrow....

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