Sunday, May 21, 2006

45,872 Yards

I need to join a Stash-along. Maybe two or three Stash-alongs. I have at least 45,872 yards of knitting yarn. I have not counted the random balls, when I only have one ball or less of a color, nor the sock yarn (not that I have that much at all, really), nor probably a bunch of yarn stuck away in the back of the closet. And I'm leaving out the clearly-for-weaving yarn.

Let's say that an average ball in my possession has 150 yards on it. I have just over 300 average balls of yarn in my possession.

My handy-dandy Ann Budd's Yarn Requirements pamphlet says that a size 38 sweater (my size) in 5 stitches-to-the-inch gauge takes an average of 1377 yards of yarn. Therefore, I have a little over 33 average sweaters' worth of yarn stashed away.

As a wild guess, it might take me two months to knit an average sweater, which means I have five and a half years worth of knitting stockpiled.

Plus whatever I haven't totaled up yet.

I'm screwed. I have absolutely no reason to buy more yarn. None whatsoever. Damn.


Denice said...

Wow! What a stash! My husband was laughing that I had over 15 skeins of yarn that aren't used yet. You made me feel much better. Enjoy your stash. . . it makes you happy.


gray la gran said...

no reason to buy yarn? you mean you need a reason? ;)