Sunday, May 14, 2006

Is This Healthy?

I finished yet another project today - two in two days! Clearly, something's wrong with me. Perhaps I need mega-doses of Vitamin Silk. Maybe even Essential Mineral Merino. Certainly I should schedule a visit to Dr. WEBS.

So here's the beginning of the end.
Long-time readers of this blog (snort!) will recognize that this is my Sunrise Circle Jacket, pattern by Kate Gilbert in a recent Interweave Knits. I've been struggling with the row gauge on this jacket, because for the ever-so-lovely circular fronts, it matters, it really matters, and my yarn was giving me many fewer rows to the inch than the row gauge specified. I've been using Katia's Mexico, a soft half-wool, half-acrylic. The row gauge was sufficiently different from the pattern yarn that I'm left with two extra balls of yarn, about 200 yards. In fact, since I had bought one extra ball anyway, just because I thought I might be short, I have three balls - enough for a matching scarf, maybe? Or a hat? Anyhow, the photo above is where I snipped one stitch near the sleeve cuff, in prep for removing three (3!) inches of sleeve and reknitting down through the hem. I'd never done this before, but by God, it worked just dandy.

And I sewed on the button and crocheted (twice; the first time looked like crap) the loop to hold the button. You wouldn't think that all of ten single crochet stitches in a line would give me fits, but it did. Makes me wonder what will happen when I go to finish off the Debbie Bliss cardigan I'm galloping along on - there's supposed to be sc and dc and buttonholes all happening at once and I think that my umpty-ump years of higher education has not prepared me adequately for this work.
And it's done! In all its swirly glory, it's done.
Earle, in a display of good timing, came home just then and snapped this shot of me in the jacket. I'm not sure it's the most flattering thing I've ever worn, but then, maybe it's just that I need to lose twenty pounds. I loved knitting this jacket, nonetheless, and I'm quite tempted to knit this again in a dark, solid color, which might suit me better.
Or I could just lose some weight. Heh.


Jerry & Maxy said...

No weight loss needed, it looks great! Flattering, and cheery.

I need to get to starting mine! :)

Zonda said...

It looks great! Great job and I love the stripes and colors! Hope you do get to enjoy it! :)

mlj1954 said...

Very very cool. I keep looking at that pattern and thinking about it. I love it finished.

hootsister said...

Lovely! It looks wonderful on you!

Rose said...

The jacket looks gorgeous!

Thea said...

hey, as Stacy and Clinton would say, it shows your curves and accentuates your waist!
Wear it proudly and tell everyone you made it. It's amazing!

LC in Sunny So Cal said...

I think it looks lovely on you!

a Knitty Friend

Annie said...

Congratulations! It looks lovely. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one struggling with row gauge - mine was way out too.

Rain said...

It's gorgeous and looks great on you. I've only seen them in solid colours so far so I'm amazed at how good it looks in the variegated yarn.