Friday, May 05, 2006

Nowhere To Run To

Busy, busy week. I'm afraid they are going to be like this through the summer, but I've promised myself I'd blog at least every Friday. Those of you hanging on my every word can just go get a life.

I have, however, accomplished a great deal this week in terms of knitting. Last Friday night: The 10th Anniversary Party at my LYS, Emily's Needlework - I came, I ate, I shopped. The weekend: I don't remember; it was too long ago. Oh! I do remember - I did NOT go to the 50%-off sale in Worcester! I went chasing dragonflies instead; it was a beautiful spring day last Sunday. Monday night: 3.5 hours of knitting while attending the Annual Town Meeting. Tuesday night: 2.5 hours of knitting attending the Selectmen's meeting. Wednesday morning: 1 hour knitting while waiting to get my breasts squashed and my blood sucked out of me (just the usual annual invasive procedures, but thanks for asking), followed by swinging by Webs on my way home (details below). Thursday: No real knitting content. Friday: Hey, I'm blogging - what more do you want?

In fact, I have gotten several projects to the point that they are no longer in the Mindless Knitting stage. For example:

Ignore the reddish tone and blurry focus of this photo - obviously, the result of jealous bag trolls. You will note, however, that here we have a felted bag, two felted handles, and a zipper, none of which are attached to each other. Sewing ahead.

Exhibit #2: The Sunrise Circle Jacket. Ta da! It's almost done!
Except for sewing on one button.

And shortening the sleeves. Note that the left sleeve is rolled back about 5 inches - that is about how long the sleeves should be to fit properly on me. At least you can't say I have orangutan arms. To my face, anyway. Those sleeves are knit from the bottom up, by the way, and both are quite neatly hemmed, just to add insult to injury.

Exhibit #3: Te Debbie Bliss Noro cardigan, knit side-to-side.
In the back, we have a finished and blocked back to this cardigan. In the front we have two fronts, not yet blocked (hence the pins) but most of the ends are woven in. Except for one.

That one end would be the one where I have to un-bind-off the center edge of the left front, which is considerably longer than the corresponding edge of the right front. Yes, they're supposed to be the same length; this is Debbie Bliss, remember. Luckily, it's only that I bound off loosely, the way one is always supposed to ... except in this case.

In happier news, at Emily's party, I bought Malabrigo in the beautiful shade of Verdazul. I don't know what I'm going to do with this, except fondle it.

I went to Webs specifically because they had several close-out colors of Tahki Donegal Tweed for about half price. I love Tahki Donegal Tweed, but it has always seemed expensive to me. So when I heard on the Knittyboard that it was on sale at Webs, I figured I'd head there after finishing up at the doctor's.

Thus, two colors of the tweed, a bag each - that's 1830 yards each.

And a few other things crept in ....this lovely Cascade 128 Tweed, also cheap.

And this Cascade Pima/Tencel, for a summer top.

I think, maybe, I have too much yarn. Good thing summer's coming.

But I still need some mindless knitting. Time to cast on something new.....

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