Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm Stunned

Shocked, even. I finished this bag tonight. Mr. Penguin kindly agreed to model it for us. This was, once upon a time, a half-finished fair isle pullover sweater, out of Lamb's Pride, in a pattern by Kristin Nicholas. I'd say I started it, oh, maybe ten years ago? I really don't remember.

It occurred to me a couple months ago that I was never going to finish the sweater, that I wanted the unused skeins of Lamb's Pride for another felting project, and that even if I were to finish the sweater, I wouldn't like it on me.

However, I couldn't bring myself to frog all that beautiful fair isle. I had even woven in the ends and sewed down the bottom hem. I quickly regretted having sewn the hem, however, as I decided this would make a great felted bag and the hem was the first thing to go.

So, down with the hem, quick sew the bottom together along the front and back, tuck in the pointy ends to make it three-dimensional, cast off the top, felt-felt-felt, and woo-hoo - a bag! I knit two straps by casting on the long way, knitting a few rows in red, a few in purple, a few more in red if I remember correctly and then seaming the two red edges together. More felt-felt-felt - we have strappage! This week I sewed in the zipper (pain in the butt) and tonight I sewed on the straps - why, yes, the twist in the straps IS a design feature, thank you for noticing, particularly since I didn't notice till both ends of the first strap were sewn down - and it's finished.

Wow. I feel naked. I need to cast on a few more projects, enough to fill up my capacious new knitting bag. ;~)


whoami123 said...

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LadyLungDoc said...

Wow - that's some comment.
All I have to say is that I really like the bag, and think the straps were quite the innovation

Batty said...

That's a great bag! Just the right size for lots and lots of yarn, and the straps look great too.

Zonda said...

Great bag, and great save on a project. See you can only wear a sweater so you can enjoy your bag all year long..good luck filling it...hmm I could send you some of mine to do ;)

Poops said...

You have inspired me! I started the Poncho from Hell for my 5 year old and it's too narrow, but the colorwork is to intricate to frog. And I have plenty of yarn to start over, so I think what I've done will make a great little bag! I'm going to go do that right this minute!

Whee! Thanks for the idea, and by the way, your bag is gorgeous!

Rain said...

Wow, it's lovely. What a great way to use a UFO.