Tuesday, June 20, 2006


First day of vacation. I feel better already. So low-key, in fact, that this post is going to be short on blather and heavy on pictures.

First up: The Garden.

Nice, eh?

Then, a short photo-essay on What I Did on my Summer Vacation, Day One, Morning One:

Emily of Emily's Needlework, my LYS, gave me the mug, gave me the Yarn Harlot bumper sticker, and sold me the aqua Rowan Calmer, for Joanna's Prosperous Plum Tank, and the bright blue Sesia Windsurf, for the Lotus Blossom Tank in the current IK. Oh, and Elsebeth Lavold's Book Number One of patterns - the Viking Knits Collection. Now I'm ready to vacate. I love my LYS.

Looking for lace content? I give you the Lacy Cables Shawl, one-third complete. Ta-da!


rose said...

What a nice gift.

Stephanie said...

I have got to get one of those bumperstickers.

Anonymous said...

I want one of those bumperstickers too!!!

Jennifer said...

Hey Lynn, What's the pttern forthe lacey cables? I really like it!

Theresa said...

That lace is looking lovely!