Monday, June 05, 2006

Run, Run, Run

Let's see if I can get off a posting in the 30 minutes I have between more-or-less finishing my dinner (two string cheese sticks, a fancy granola bar and an apple; I'm still working on the apple) and zooming off to the Planning Board meeting. Did I mention that I just got appointed to the Planning Board? And that I have a meeting or something scheduled for every night this week, except Friday, and Friday I should go to the mall and use up my $60 worth of JJill coupons. And you wonder why I don't post more often.

No rest for the weary. Oh, and I have to go get changed for the Planning Board; I can't get away with wearing the jeans I wore to work. That just Isn't Done around here; we take our civic responsibilities seriously.

Knitting: Go to the Jager Icelandics web site and buy all their yarn. It's great. No, wait, leave it all for me. No, wait, I'm supposed to be saving up for a wheel. No, wait, I want the knitting world to know how great their laceweight is.

OK, while the photo is loading, I'll go get changed. I hope I can still fit into at least one skirt that goes with the (knitted-by-me!) top I've got on. And a public service reminder: Don't eat baked beans the night before a Planning Board meeting, even if it was a graduation party.

As I was saying, this yarn is stupendous. Incredible depth and diversity of color, lovely sheen, really nice feel - hairy, but not scratchy, and with a nice lanolin overtone, works well on my needles.

If you're really good, I'll post a photo tomorrow night of what I've knit so far with it...


rose said...

I'm glad blogger allowed you to upload the photo :)

enallagma9 said...

And I'm glad you told me how to compress photos - thank you again!!

Sarah said...

That yarn is gorgeous. This will not help with my resolution to not buy yarn until I finish the projects I'm working on.

Laurie said...

GREAT yarn. No thanks for the website. Self-control? What's that?

I can so relate to the ambivalence.