Friday, June 30, 2006

Doncha Just Hate It?

When you run out of yarn this close to the end.

Creativity and the yarn stash to the rescue, resulting in finished hat, flanked by the two rescuers, a lovely basic wool on the right and an English kid mohair on the left, which courageously held hands throughout the final 10 rounds or so of this hat. Tell me this looks like I intended it all along.
At any rate, this is Hat No. 1 for Afghans for Afghans. Back to our regularly scheduled lace obsession, at least till next week.


Emily said...

The top works for me. I think it's cute!

Jennifer said...

Actually, I think it looks fabulous! And it does look like you planned it, IMO.

wonky said...

The colors look great together! I love it!