Sunday, June 18, 2006

Let's Get This Straight

This summer I am knitting ALL six of my lace projects named previously (I don't remember all their names now: my mind, what's left of it, is reserved for bigger and better things). I consider this extreme knitting, and extreme insanity as well. Plus, I have somehow acquired two skeins of Schaefer's Anne this past couple of weeks (see, up above ^) and I am resolved to design my own lace patterns (heavily borrowed from Barbara Walker, no doubt) and make scarves from these beauties. And I believe I just ordered four skeins of linen with which to make a beaded lace shawl.

So, as it's Father's Day and that means it's time to check progress on the lace front (there's an obvious connection in my overheated mind), I present to you my one-quarter-completed Lacy Cables Shawl:

And my maybe 10%-completed Arrowhead Shell:
The others? Well, let's just say I have two vacation trips coming up in the next two weeks and I expoect to take many of my little lacies for a summer tour of northern New England. First, we'll be going to New Hampshire, just west of Mt. Washington, for the regional meeting of the Dragonfly Society of America. Then over the 4th of July weekend, a friend and I are going to Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, where we will chase yet more dragonflies.

I would not be at all surprised if I come home with more yarn than I set out with. I can't imagine how that might happen, but it just might.

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