Saturday, June 17, 2006


It's a photo! Blogger is letting me post photos again! Yay! OK, so here's the blankety-blank column of knit stitches that should have been purled - see in the middle of the pic that column anchored by the pin at the bottom - that's the little ba**, ahem, darlings.

And here we have the dropped-and-purled-up-again stitches - see that sinuous ditch leading ever upward, there in the middle? Don't they look fantastic? Don't they set off the lace on either side? (Say yes, or I'll scream; it's been a bad week.)

And here we have the house number post that Earle carved - if you see it, drop in!

In other news on the fiber front, I took a trial class in weaving on a Japanese Saori loom. Saori Worcester offers classes in weaving on Saori looms, which are simple, two-harness looms, designed to be easy to use and easy for many people to use, because different warps can be interchanged on the same loom framework. This little mat was just my playing around with various yarns - nothing planned or special, but fun nonetheless.

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Rose said...

I see, I see! :) Yay for finally being able to post pictures.

Very pretty lace. The sign post is great. And the weaving looks like fun (I checked out the link).