Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Best-Laid Plans

You may remember that I signed off a week or so ago with the promise that I would be adding my 2007 resolutions to the sidebar. Obviously that hasn't happened yet, because of all the other events this week that got in the way, namely:
  • my phone line going dead last weekend;
  • a minor car accident Monday morning;
  • various night meetings; and
  • Earle's struggles, over several days, to install DSL on my computer.

A lovely week it was, capped off by utterly lousy weather this weekend - gray, drizzly, just above freezing. Anyhow, here I am again, promising once more to add those resolutions just to our right here. Maybe tomorrow, if I have the inner fortitude.

In the meantime, I discovered just how much I can get done without the Internet to distract me. I read a good book, Peter Hessler's River Town, a fascinating tale of Hessler's two years in the Peace Corps, teaching literature in a small city on the Yangtze in China. It had nothing to do with knitting and yet I loved it. Furthermore, I'm two-thirds of the way through Memoirs of a Geisha, a stunning novel by Arthur Golden. And thank you, Cathy and Emily, for your reading recommendatiuons; I'll check those out. Interestingly, I've already read Number One Ladies' Detective Agency; my mother gave it to me last year, saying she enjoyed it immensely.

And I've finished the body of the shell I started on Christmas Eve. You may wonder why I say I finished the body of the shell, no doubt thinking to yourself, aren't shells all body and no sleeves? You would be right, of course, except I was debating all along whether I would leave this sleeveless or not. I decided to wait to try it on before making the sleevedness choice.

To review, here's an earlier pic with the right color.

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And here's a bad photo of me wearing the shell. You'd get a better photograph, except as you will remember, the weather's lousy, so no sun, plus Earle's feeling pretty lousy himself, so I didn't want to ask him to take a photo.

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I love this yarn, Berger du Nord's Charmant, a silk/wool blend. This knits up beautifully, changing gauge just a little when washed and blocked (which I remembered to do to the gauge swatch, by some miracle). Even better, I got this on 40%-off sale! I love this pattern, the shell from Joan Forgione's Thorn and Thistle Twinset in the Summer 2006 Interweave Knits. However, I don't love this shell on me. I was foolish enough to try this one as soon as I finished the crocheted picot edging around the neck. Over the jeans I had on, it looked like crap on me. More precisely, it magnified all my oddly bumpy plumpness, being lovely, drapey fabric.

I tell you, there's nothing like having something one has just finished look like crap on oneself to thoroughly discourage one from ever being in a good mood again. And did I mention that it's gray and raw here as well? Thus, I consulted my sage advisors at the Knittyboard, who offered chocolate to sooth my troubled psyche, recommended the use of appropriate undergarments, and counseled adding sleeves. I added in a short visit to Webs to that list. The photo above shows me wearing appropriate undergarments and sucking in my tummy. I think that, with sleeves (probably 3/4-length) and maybe a short cardigan (gee, it was designed as a twinset, you know), this might be OK on me.

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In other knitting news, I've been plugging away on a simple shawl, design from Victorian Lace Today, out of my handspun. This is maybe one-third done, plus there will be a border, so I have my mindless work cut out for me. Exactly what I need right now, with the addition of chocolate, of course.


Elizabeth said...

Not nearly so awful as you made it sound. In fact, quite lovely.

cathy said...

The shell is lovely. I think either sleeves or the cardigan. My thought is for sleeves. They don't even have to have the thistle lace on them--jus the rib pattern.

DeltaDawn said...

Yes, sleeves, and then maybe you won't need the cardigan. The handspun shwal is gorgeous - such colors! And I'm commenting on multiple posts here - I bow to your skills in getting your resolutions in your sidebar - I'm a fumbling idiot with this stuff - congrats!