Monday, January 01, 2007

Ten Percent of My Resolve

It's that time of year again, gang - time to resolve, to be resolute, to make the New Year's resolutions that will be forgotten by the end of January. This year, however, my first resolution is to figure out how to put these goals for 2007 into the sidebar of this blog, so that they will stare me in the face every time I check in. That's Resolution #1.

Then there are the Knitting Resolutions. You already know about #2.

Resolution #2: I shall reduce my stash of yarn, fiber, and unfinished projects by 10% by the end of 2007, down from the totals counted up in November of 2006. [We shall ignore, for the moment, the fact that I have yet to count up my fiber stash.] You will remember that I have quite a lot, quite a whole lot, of yarn and fiber and UFOs, so this is a pretty ambitious goal. The hardest part is going to be resisting going to yarn sales.

Furthermore, I have several more knitting-related goals for 2007:

Resolution #3: From the fiber I bought at Rhinebeck 2006, I shall spin up and knit two projects for me to wear to Rhinebeck 2007. I'm aiming for a shawl (which I've already started and, once I get past the first ten rows or so, I'll show you) (aren't I virtuous? I've already spun up this yarn AND cast on) and a sweater, one project for each day of Rhinebeck. If these two projects aren't completed, I shall not go to Rhinebeck.

Resolution #4: From the three projects' worth of yarn I bought at my LYS's December 2006 Midnight Madness sale, I shall complete one project and wear it to the 2007 Midnight Madness sale. If nothing is completed, I shall not go to the 2007 sale. (I'm positively aglow with virtue here; I've already finished, well, not the weaving in of ends nor the blocking, but I have indeed finished knitting up the back of a shell from one of these three yarns. See yesterday's post, if you don't believe me.)

Resolution #5: Knit myself a Hanne Falkenberg Mermaid, probably in this colorway. I've loved this jacket ever since Wendy knit one.

Resolution #6: Design and knit a sweater of many colors, something Fair Isle-ish. I want to push myself to create something of my own and I'm feeling very drawn to classic Fair Isles in subdued and graded colors.

Resolution #7: Design and knit a sweater with cables and textures. Just like with Fair Isle, I'm finding myself drawn to classic Aran fisherman sweaters. I even bought the yarn for this at my LYS's Midnight Madness sale.

Resolution #8: Knit one damned pair of socks, just to see what all the excitement is about.

Resolution #9: Knit for charity. Specifically, I want to finish my striped-block afghan for Afghans for Afghans, a kid's vest and five hats for Afghans for Afghans, and something for the Athol Bird and Nature Club to auction off at their annual meeting in October, maybe a scarf and hat set with some sort of nature theme.

Resolution #10: Create the Fernsworthy pattern that's been rolling around in my head. Details to follow, when I know them.

Well, that ought to keep me busy! Plus, I have some non-knitting goals, of course:

Resolution #11: Reduce my weight by 10% (hey, it's a classic New Year's resolution, and I need it).

Resolution #12: Reduce my driving mileage by 10%. I drive an hour to work each way and my annual mileage over the past six years is 33,000 miles, which is unconscionable. So, to meet this resolution, I have to drive an average of 2,475 miles or fewer a month. Hold on a sec, I'll go see how many miles are on the car right now...... OK, there are 259, 564 miles on the old Corolla today. That means by January 1, 2008, there should be no more than 289,264 miles on it, an addition of 29,700 miles. (Then I suppose I'll have to start thinking about a newer car, too!)

Resolution #13: Reduce my annual usage of electricity by 10%. Obviously, this goes right along with reducing the amount I drive. I'd aim for reducing my use of heating oil, too, but I just put in a new and much more efficient furnace, so I think I'm set for reduced use of oil. On the electric bill, my electric company prints how many kilowatt-hours I used this month and how many I used in the corresponding month last year, so it'll be easy to keep track.

Resolution #14: Read 10 non-knitting books. I'm getting way too single-minded about knitting and spinning; I need to remind myself there's something else to life besides fiber. Ten books is pretty minimal, but it's a start.

Resolution #15: See 10 movies in the theatre, and Resolution #16: Attend 10 cultural events (plays, concerts, museums, etc.; fiber festivals do not count as cultural events for this goal). See Resolution #14 above.

So, am I nuts or what?


Elizabeth said...

Good luck with all that.

I put about 6000 miles a year on my car and my husband does the same. It's nice to be indifferent to the price of gas.

If you make a big overcoat and sew big pockets all over the inside, you can stuff in all the yarn and fiber and keep the thermostat at 50! Think of it: using fiber and yarn stash, and reducing fuel oil in one move!

If you want help getting the resolutions into the sidebar, let me know.

Stariel said...

Eek! You're like the mean mom that no one wants to have. Not going to Rhinebeck?!?

You'd better finish that resolution right away. ;)

cathy said...

Yes, you're nuts, but in a good way. I wish I could reduce the amount I drive and have a T commute. If you want book recommendations, come talk to me.
I really do admire your resolutions.

Happy New Year :)

Jennifer said...

Those sound like great resolutions! I have some pretty good resources on reducing electricity usage and learning about energy conservation in general. Let me know if you'd like to see any of it. I added high efficiency lightbulbs to every fixture in my house and immediately saw a reduction in the bill.

Batty said...

Great resolutions! You know, you just wrecked one of mine, something to do with knitting from stash... but you reminded me of that wonderful Hanne Falkenberg jacket. I've been coveting it for the longest time. It's getting harder and harder not to give in to its siren song!