Thursday, January 04, 2007


[cue harmonica]

I've got dem full-moon, mid-winter, post-holiday, mid-life, bored-to-tears blues.

[cut harmonica]

I'm cranky. I'm bored. I have been virtuously slaving away on the front of the mint green silk/wool shell....purl one row, k4, p1 the next row - boring.

I have virtuously avoided acquiring more yarn - I did not go to Webs on Tuesday for the monthly spinning group meeting, I did not go to the SnB in Greenfield Wednesday night (I've never made it there, but anyhoo), I am not going to take a learn-to-weave class in the next town over (because I do not need another fiber-related escapade), I've decided not to go to SPA next month, I'm meeting Pat tomorrow and we're not going to Woolpack, we're going clothes shopping instead, I resisted buying anything at the Cherry Tree Hill sale and the Redbird Knits sale and all the other end of year sales, and I've just torn myself away from the Brooks Farm website. [no wonder I'm cranky; I'm going through withdrawal]

I'm set up carpooling with friends from work, most of the lights in the house now have fluorescent bulbs, I've noted on my calendar the dates of upcoming concerts and whatnot, I removed all the edible holiday treats from tempting me (translation: I ate them), I even dusted the bookshelves in my bedroom. And I am restless, bored, cranky.

So, dear readers, help me liven up my life. Cathy, oh Lively Librarian, please do recommend some books for me to read - maybe a mix of books on what is the meaning of life anyhow and pure escapism chick lit? Jennifer - what else can I do to reduce my electrical use - set up a clothes line? Adjust the fridge temperature? Stop spending so much time on the computer? Elizabeth, um, does it count if I line the walls of my bedroom with yarn and fiber? That must count as insulation, right? I might need a little more "insulation", if that's the case. Btw, I'm going to try to get those resolutions into the sidebar this weekend, so expect a panicky email shortly. Batty, we should just order the kits before the price goes up (not that it's going to, I hope) and have our own little KAL. Stariel, there is no way in hell that I'm not going back to Rhinebeck, resolution or no resolution, so don't you worry your sock-covered little mind about that, OK? Plus, doesn't everyone screw up their New Year's resolutions? Why should I be any different?

I think I'll go make some hot chocolate and fondle some Sea Silk. Maybe by the end of the weekend, I'll be human again.


Elizabeth said...

I'm just waiting for my family to get back into their regularly scheduled activities, so I can focus on anything for more than five mins at a time. I'm cranky, too, because I surrounded by high-demand cranky males.

Jennifer said...

Aww....sorry to hear that you're cranky! I do have a few other electricity conservation tricks up my sleeve, if you're interested. ;)

cathy said...

Here are some book recommendations

Cape Random & Waiting for Time by Bernice Morgan. The two novels tell the story of a family on Newfoundland's coast over two hundred years. The family struggles with the sea and with each other. It's an amazing series. I really think you'll like the second volume, as it deals with the contemporary family, where the central person is a marine biologist/conservationist. ish.

Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner. The best chicklit I"ve read. Sex, romance, hollywood, diamonds, family trouble, a cute dog... what more does a girl need?

Number One Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. A tea-drinking lady detective in Botswana solves everyday crimes. It's the first in a sweet, feel-good lighthearted series.

Also, for electrical use: a clothesline/clothesrack is great. It cuts down on electricity and prolongs the life of your clothes. Switch to the energy efficient lightbulbs. Remember to turn off lights when you're not in that room. If you have to have outdoor lights on, put them on a motion sensor.

Emily said...

Have you read anything by Elizabeth Peters? The Amelia Peabody books are one of my favorite fall-back easy and fun reads. And there are a bunch of them at this point.

I know all about eating all the good stuff in the house before you diet. It's kind of like Mardi Gras before Lent that way.