Monday, January 15, 2007

Resolution #1

I did it! I figured out how to post my 2007 resolutions over there in my sidebar - see for yourself!

...[pause for audience to grasp the magnitude of what I've done]...

Which means that I have completed Resolution #1. Not bad for the middle of January, I'd say. Now if one of you omnicompetent knit-bloggers can tell me how to change the font size, color, styles, etc., over there, I'd be all set. I want those resolutions there to remind me gently, not to hog the whole bloggie show and kick me in the ass every time I come here. Do I need to go buy myself HTML for Dummies, assuming there is such a thing?

In fact, I'm so pleased with myself (hey, it doesn't take much to set my feet to dancing), I added two more resolutions: crochet something, and find 10 more rare species sites in this state. I'm an easy sucker for trendiness, not that I'm trendy, you understand, it's just that I want to be like all the cool people, so last year I couldn't resist buying Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker, and I wanna make something from it. As for rare species, well, there's hardly anything I enjoy more than wading through bogs and climbing steep bouldery slopes in search of rare species. I didn't get to do much of that the past two years, between breaking my leg in 2005 and the incessant rain this past summer, so I'm resolved to change that this year.

And thank you for saying my new shell doesn't look all that bad. You're right, of course; it's just always a shock for me to really look at myself and realize I'm not the slender young slip of a thing I was thirty years ago. But I won't dwell on that thought today; it's gray and dripping freezing rain outside, so I'm not exactly cheery myself. And on that note, let's go admire my new sidebar to cheer ourselves up, shall we?


Elizabeth said...

I had the same problem with my sidebar stuff - blogger lets you change font, etc in a post, but not in the sidebar. So I created a new post, changed the font, size, color to what I wanted, then looked at the HTML version of the post. I copied the whole thing to Notepad, and used that to change the sidebar.

Your resolutions look good - challenging but doable.

Elizabeth said...

There is an HTML For Dummies book. I got one for Christmas! Actually, there are a number of similar kinds of books and they are helpful.

If you look at your Blogger template, up top, it defines the styles for the different parts of the blog. You should be able to change the sidebar style or set up a new style, which you can use to tag the resolutions.

Not to contradict the other elizabeth up there, but I really think there's no reason you can't format it to look exactly like you want it to.

Abigale said...

That shell is very lovey indeed! It's gorgeous!!!! And so are you ;-)

...and now that you're all up and running with the resolutions on the sidebar stuff, I'll bet that you'll get there with the weight stuff too. I've been doing Pilates (just from some DVD's) on top of my walking and - does this stuff ever work! I've not been great about keeping up with it - but I'm definitely noticing improvement over the last two months that I've been doing it.

Elizabeth said...

My Christmas present book was The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Web Page and Blog. It is a very understandable book, but not completely compatible with Blogger. The way that Blogger defines the font sizes is somewhat different. At the top of the template, it defines the size with asterisks and slashes and the word small. Then variations are expressed as a percentage of that. Look through and you'll see that some are 78% or 200%, depending on what. If you want your whole template to use a smaller font, you can just specify that in the template section of the styles definition. If you only want to make the resolutions smaller, you can do that right at that point in the sidebar content.

Let me know if I can baffle your further! You can email me from my blogger profile.

bitterknitter said...

I'm guessing you got your sidebar figured out? It looks fine to me.

That is quite the list of resolutions! I didn't really make any this year...all of my current "resolutions" are out of necessity!