Sunday, March 18, 2007

Just in Time

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Given that the birdfeeders looked like this yesterday, it's probably a good thing I finished these:

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Yarn: Trekking XXL colorway #51.
Fortissima "Socka-To-Me" Gloves, from Skacel, with lots of minor modifications so they fit my hands exactly. I like these gloves, but because of the nylon in the yarn, they are a little hard. Perhaps they will last longer, though.

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In other news, the Lamb's Pride Moderne Log Cabin now measures about 30" by 39", with lots of yarn left to go. Now, does this qualify for Resolution #6? It's not a sweater, but it does have many colors, and it certainly is just as much knitting as a sweater. Hmmm.. a moral dilemma, if I've ever seen one.

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I really like the texture of this blanket, although I must admit that I get very sick of knitting entire skeins of one color of garter stitch at this point.

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Finally, I cast on for the sock pattern that came in the Louet sock-dyeing kit. So far, so good. I tried knitting these on my 6" bamboo Size 2s, but the needles are too long; they kept getting caught in the sweater I was wearing. So I went back to these 5-inch-long bendable pastic needles, but I think I'll try to pick up a set of 5-inchers in bamboo. WEBS has 4-inch-long size 2 "glove needles" in recycled ebony that I eyed for a bit this week, but the set is $15 and I just couldn't justify that much.


Elizabeth said...

Great gloves! My folks flew back from western IL and had to get a foot of snow off their car at the airport, then another foot of snow to park at their condo.

I love how your blanket is turning out. I really like the vivid accents on the wider areas of mellower colors. I'd say you can count it as #6, if you want, but you might want to do the sweater, too, because it will be so much fun.

cathy said...

Nice gloves. You certainly needed them this weekend.

Asa said...

I'm so jealous - you can knit garter stitches for an entire log cabin blanket in straight, perfect lines. It seems so simple, but it's very hard - I know as I failed miserably at a similar blanket.

clumberknits said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! You can have my sock yarn, but you'll need to pay for the 18-wheeler to come pick it up. Oh, and the forklift rental.

I love love love your blanket. I have yet to try a log cabin, but I'm sure it is not an easy thing to get the colors just right, as you have managed. Great job!