Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's Easier to Pay $60 & Cast On Than to Finish Anything

So, it struck me that if someone buys yarn at the approximate rate of two sweaters' worth a month, not that you and I know anyone who does anything so excessive, that by the end of year, that someone would have 24 sweaters' worth of yarn. Not to mention a storage and credit card problem.

Now, let us also suppose that this 'someone' knits sweaters at the rate of three a year. Maybe four, in a good year.

Thus, by the end of ten years, I, er, someone would have knit 30 or 40 sweaters - a quite respectable output, I'd say - but would have acquired enough yarn for 240 sweaters. This nets out at about 200 sweaters' worth of yarn acquired, but not used, over the course of a decade.

Hypothetically speaking, of course. All this hypothetical thought has nothing at all to do with spending yesterday with That Sue, going to Northampton Wools and WEBS, running into Bonnie, and oh, by the way, buying yarn for Silver Belle. And maybe 10 balls of something periwinkle with alpaca. Nothing whatsoever to do with all that. Absolutely not.


Sue, aka seiding said...

Hypothetically speaking, should someone run into such a likely problem, I think the only way out of such a backlog of stash would be to start giving it away, leaving it on neighbor's porches and running, like zucchinis or randomly picking out blog commenters and mailing them yarn. Hypothetically.

Elizabeth said...

I wouldn't have any idea whatsoever you might be talking about. Nope. No idea. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Bonnie said...

And if you start, hypothetically, or if someone should start, giving away yarn like excess zucchinis, you--or someone--could start by leaving that gorgeous blue Berroco Ultra Alpaca you bought yesterday on my doorstep!!!

Just kidding, of course. It's going to be your Silver (Blue) Belle and it's going to be a sweater you'll love for years to come.

As will your Minimalist cardi, which is off to a very nice start.

Also, I think you've forgotten to factor in retirement in your calculations. Your rate of sweater production is sure to speed up then, as you'll have approx. 40 hours more per week to knit. Unless you spend those additional 40 hours of free time a week hanging out at WEBS. In which case, well, um, are there any knitters in your will????

DeltaDawn said...

I can't type - laughing too hard!